Community standards

This article outlines the norms and values important to the community, providing readers with an in-depth understanding of the core principles that the community thrives on.

Written by Alain VEST

Last published at: January 19th, 2024

Bearwww is a dating site and app dedicated to the Bears, Chubby, Muscle Bear, Cub, Daddy, Silverdaddies community and their fans. Bearww is a meeting and chat space where each member is free to express themselves freely but we want Bearwww to remain a safe and secure place for all our members.

Finally, to respect the Guidelines of Stores such as the Appstore and the Playstore , we are obliged to implement a set of limits to what is authorized or prohibited in your user profile.

Below is a summary of what you should and should not do in order not to be excluded from our platforms.

We reserve the right to remove or crop any photos and/or text that we believe are outside of the following guidelines, at our discretion. We also authorize ourselves to subsequently delete (ban) profiles without complying with the guidelines described above. No refund will be made in the event of total deletion of your profile.

Please follow this list of guidelines to keep our community healthy and safe:

Profile picture

  • A significant part of the user must appear somewhere in the photo.
  • Main profile photo and public photos : only photos with your face perfectly visible and/or your face with torso (without underwear) are accepted
  • Photos with several people are prohibited
  • No nudity – including photos of frontal, rear and side nudity.
  • No bare skin a few cents above the pubic area.
  • No photos in underwear or jockstraps.
  • Appropriate public swimwear is permitted (shorts, Bermuda shorts, etc.). No pubic hair, no outline of the genitals and no part of the penis may be present.
  • Example for swimsuits: you can upload beach photos where you are in a swimsuit if and only if these photos do not focus on the genitals. On the other hand, photos in swimsuits are prohibited in an enclosed space (indoor) such as a house for example.
  • Pants and shorts should be worn normally, buttoned and not pulled down or hanging down.
  • No images of hands or fingers being placed into pants or pulling underwear out.
  • No images of anyone under 18.
  • No copyrighted images or illustrations.
  • No images that display semen (or any other fluid resembling semen or ejaculate) on anything in the photo
  • No images of sexual acts, real, illustrated or simulated.
  • No sexually explicit or overly suggestive photos.
  • No photos that have been edited to hide sexual acts, including black box or blurry filters to hide sexual images such as touching genitals by hand.
  • Nudity (especially genitals) covered by a towel, hat or other means is not permitted.
  • Do not grasp/hold or touch genitals or genital area.
  • No photos with transparent or transparent or wet material below the waist.
  • No erection or contouring of the genitals through clothing will be permitted.
  • No crotch area only photos, neither back nor front.
  • No photos or poses that highlight or focus on the genitals, crotch, buttocks, nipples or mouth.
  • No images that show suggestive or overly sexual poses.
  • No photos containing sex accessories and toys, including the use of fruits/vegetables.
  • No images of illegal drug use and paraphernalia.
  • No images of guns or weapons.
  • No photos of lewd gestures and/or lewd behavior.
  • No photos of violent acts against yourself, anyone else, or single animals; including the blood in the photo.
  • Photos of animals in the company of their master are tolerated
  • No images used to advertise services, products, events, websites or applications.
  • No images of non-BEARWWW users, including celebrities.
  • No profanity or cursing.

Profile text

  • No text referring to genital size/description or sexual acts.
  • No sexually explicit or overly suggestive text.
  • No text that incites racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind.
  • No advertising of services, products, events, websites or applications. This includes the basic mention of massages.
  • No mention of illegal drugs or text referring to "part".
  • No reference to a desire to have unprotected sex will be permitted.
  • No profanity or curses, including abbreviations, masks and replacements.


  • MySpace, Twitter and YouTube , Facebook links are allowed in the “describe yourself” field; these links cannot contain advertising or pornography or they will be removed. No other web links of any kind will be allowed in any profile fields.

We reserve the right to modify the images you send us as well as the nicknames and descriptions. This is non-limiting.